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EU ICT Ethics | Workshop

EU ICT Ethics | Second Workshop | 14 June 2021

We are pleased to invite you to our second workshop on 14 June 2021 from 2 to 5 pm CET.

In this online workshop, we will present the key elements from the framework draft and will be happy to take your questions and feedback into further work.

You find a detailed schedule here: Invitation and Schedule

Please use the button to send us an email with your contact details if you would like to participate in this workshop. We will then get in touch with you.

European e-Competence Framework

The European Norm (EN) 16234-1 European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) provides a reference of 41 competences as applied at the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workplace, using a common language for competences, skills, knowledge and proficiency levels that can be understood across Europe.

The e-CF fits for application by ICT service, user and supply organisations, multinationals and SME’s, for ICT managers, HR departments and individuals, educational institutions including higher education and private certification providers, social partners, market analysts, policy makers and other organisations in public and private sectors.

European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession (EU ICT Ethics)

The objective of this project is the publication of a CEN Technical Specification (CEN/TS) “European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession (EU ICT Ethics)” including a methodology and application guide. It aims at strengthening the ICT Profession in Europe and will consider multifaceted stakeholder perspectives from national bodies, ICT professional organization, ICT professionals and the educational perspective.

Professional ethics is an essential component of any profession; leading examples are to be found in law and medicine where mutual understanding leads to improved outcomes and differentiates professions from jobs. A professional ICT workforce across European society and industry will support and enhance the exchange of ICT resources and services throughout the European single market.


The Team



Carina Dantas

Carina Dantas
Project Team Expert,

"ICT Ethics is the cornerstone to ensure that digital innovation will reach the public in the best way possible and connecting tech with the real needs and wishes of people is one of my life passions. It is a long road, but a broad framework will help to pave the way."

Clare Thornley

Dr. Clare Thornley
Project Team Expert,

"I'm interested in helping organisations get better at integrating understanding about ICT ethics into the workplace and education. I am motivated to develop a framework which will be a useful guide and also raise awareness and help pose interesting ethical questions."

Sofia Segkouli

Dr. Sofia Segkouli
Project Team Expert,

"Ethics are of high importance in demanding social contexts such as organizations and business not as just abstract topics, values and ideas. Recently the focus is to communicate these values and ideas through tangible practices, tools and methods. Therefore, inevitably emphasis is put on the transformation of ethics’ insights in daily practice. To this end, digitally enable methods for ethics competencies and skills’ assessment remains a challenge that has to be addressed in the context of a coherent and dynamically updated framework. Considering the criticality of ethics pragmatic side, I’m working as a Team expert member of this project."

Bramjan Mulder

Bramjan Mulder
Project Team Expert,

"We have the responsibility to consider the implications of new developments. What makes us stronger and what do we want to prevent? How do we manage new developments? Now is the time to reflect on that and I am glad that I can work with other experts - supported by CEN and the EC - on an ethics framework."

Juan Pablo Peñarrubia

Juan Pablo Peñarrubia
Project Team Expert,

"Promoting IT Professionalism maturity and digital regulation are the basis for a sustainable, trustable and people driven Information and Knowledge Society. The achievement of ICT ethics framework is a key milestone in that way. The way to the foundation of digital society, or simply the society in this Information Age. I believe that every person, and especially every IT professional, could have a positive contribution in this crucial challenge."

Stefan Kunkel

Stefan Kunkel
Project Team Leader,

"I believe that ethics provides the tools to relate social issues and individual values to the development processes and business models of organisations. Ethics forms the foundation and the connecting elements for every successful and sustainable innovation process. Ethics transform both the process and the attitude towards innovation itself. Therefore I am working as a team leader for this project."

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